The Need for Sales Tool Apps

The need for “Sales Tool Apps” is increasingly becoming a strong need for businesses to function efficiently and effectively.

There are many benefits to having a Sales Tool App.
Some are:

  • Boosted efficiency and productivity
  • Modernized aesthetics
  • Automated administrative tasks
  • Accessible, updated contact lists on customers
  • Smoothly organized sales management
  • Increased pace of a project’s movement forward

By going mobile and having sales automation, Companies are able to:

  • Identify the Customer’s Needs. Salespeople use mobile apps to research their client prior to reaching out. The app automatically pulls up information on a prospect’s industry, company size, common acquaintances and networks, etc.
  • Set Up a Meeting. After figuring out the customer’s needs, a mobile app also contacts the prospect to assess interest and to schedule an appointment. All interactions with customers are automatically stored and updated.
  • Present. Through apps, salespeople pitch new products or services to prospective clients.
  • Follow Up. If prospects are interested but not yet close to a sale, an app can categorize them into a group that receives automated follow-up emails after a specific period of time later.
  • Sign, Seal, and Deliver. Apps enable clients to pull up contracts on an iPad, sign, and submit them immediately. A copy of the document and an email alert acknowledging the closed sale are automatically sent to the customer and other relevant parties.


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